Founded in 2013, laBoum started as event planners for members who wished to organize a small-scale event.  Over the years, the firm quickly became a household name in the creation and organization of various upscale requests / events (incentive trips, VIP access, YPO conferences).

LaBoum’s corporate culture is the reflection of the personal and professional values of the two founders, Josée Dufresne and Nadine Landry.  Both thrive in achieving perfection and are committed to ensuring members’ full satisfaction.

JOSEE DUFRESNE : Renowned for her skills in business development, Josée offers creative solutions in achieving the desired aura for an event


NADINE LANDRY : Over 25 years of experience in project management and holds a Master in Business Administration degree. Her professional career has allowed her to gain many professional experiences with great value in the financial, administrative, communication and project management fields